A word from the Chaplain

A word from the Chaplain:

I would like to talk to you about two very powerful words: Encouragement and Discouragement. These words often times determine what kind of day we are going to have. Are we encouraged or are we discouraged?

Each of us, everyday,  can choose to either encourage or discourage people. And I believe it is our choice on which one we do.

Do you remember the last time someone called you to just see how you were doing, to encourage you, and to pray with you? That call told you they cared about you and how you were getting along. I am sure it lifted your spirits. In fact I know it did.

Todays scripture exhorts us to decide to be an encourager to those around us.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up…..”

So today and throughout this week, determine to deliberately take time to reach out and encourage someone in the Lord!!!  Develop this into a new habit.

Who can you call or talk to today who is going through a tough time and could use a word of encouragement??

Maybe you say, I am too busy to do this. Really!!!

Maybe you say I am too discouraged myself to encourage someone else. The truth is, encouraging others is great therapy if you feel discouraged. Reach out and see. Be deliberate, make it your mission to apply that scripture. If you are not already an encourager, then ask God to help you become one!!

I pray that each of us would take this as a challenge, that we would each deliberately look for opportunities to encourage someone and make a difference in their life. Remember, we will always reap what we sow, the good we do will always come back to us.

Let God use you this week to touch someone’s life in a positive way!!

Be blessed my friends.

Pastor Bill McCorquodale,

Chaplain, United Veterans Council of Santa Clara County

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