A word from the Chaplain

A word from the Chaplain:

A while back someone asked me how I know that God hears me when I pray. 

It was a great question, and the Lord reminded me of Psalm 139 verses 3 and 4. 

It is here that scripture tells us:  “You Lord discern my going out and my lying down; You are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue, Lord, You know it completely.”

So I want to encourage you to Meditate on these two verses, and consider carefully what they tell us. 

You can be assured that God not only hears your prayers, He knows your very words before you even speak them. 

He is familiar with all your ways and knows your coming and your going. So whatever you are facing today, God knows! God cares! and He hears you even before the words leave your mouth! 

How cool is that!!

So talk to Him, He is listening, and He is ready to help. And please, remember to thank Him for His goodness to you.

Be Blessed my friends.

Pastor Bill McCorquodale,

Chaplain, United Veterans Council of the Santa Clara County

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